Holland Aims to Bring Back Its Starry Nights

19 november 2019

Campaigners want government agencies and companies to turn off the lights so citizens can rediscover the beauty of darkness.

Mooi artikel over onze campagne in buitenlandse media:
AMSTERDAM—As winter creeps across the Northern Hemisphere and daylight hours dwindle, it can be hard to appreciate the long, dark nights. But in the Netherlands, there’s a national campaign to embrace the darkness.

Nacht van de Nacht (Night of the Night) culminates in an annual event—this year, it was on October 26—during which local governments and companies turn off their lights and people gather in towns and woods to savor the absence of artificial light.

Once a year You can see the milky way in the city of Middelburg, during the “Night of the Night” when the lights go out

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